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Stress, the big challenge of modern life

In our fast changing world, in our competitive society, the pace of modern life makes many of us a feel inadequate to cope with life’s demands.

Stress and anxiety inevitably impacts on our physical and emotional existence. Stress may manifest itself as depression, intense anger, fatigue, indigestion, stomach cramps, chest pain, migraines, muscle cramps, frequent colds and flu’s, menstrual problems decreased sex drive / libido, infertility and so on.

According to research up to 90% of visits to the GP are for stress related ailments and complaints.

Individual approach

The fundamental difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is, the first one treats the illness the other the individual. Since we all react differently to stress and our individual needs vary, homeopathy could be your stress buster of choice.


Take grief for instance, an unavoidable part of life.  There is no one formula for grief or how we deal with it. There are so many facets to grief from numbness to anger, loneliness, intense feelings of agony. So often we simply don’t know what to do. A well chosen personalized homeopathic remedy can go a long way helping you to cope with the wretchedness of grief through its various stages.


Then there is depression, “the common cold of mental health” another scourge of modern life. Sometimes the cause of depression is obvious, and sometimes not: the reasons are different for different people, the struggle to cope with depression also varies. Often symptoms come on so slowly we do not even realize it is depression causing the negative symptoms. The homeopathic remedy selected to help with depression is not addictive, with no unpleasant side effects will be based on the individual’s own personal history.


Insomnia is sadly a growing health issue, a complaint people most frequently need help with.  Insomniacs have difficulty falling asleep and/or remain asleep.  Insomnia is frequently a symptom of inadequate stress management. The more stressed you are, the more active your mind becomes and the  more difficult it is to switch off and fall asleep, remain asleep, or sleep deeply and restfully. The quality of your sleep directly impacts on your waking life quality including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance and vitality. Getting good, restorative sleep is essential to well being. Homeopathy has various remedies/approaches that can be used for acute or chronic insomnia.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends that doctors should consider using non-medicine treatments for insomnia

Homeopathy empowers!

It does not mask the symptoms but enables the body’s own defense mechanism.

It is fantastic,
it works, it is natural!

Darwin, Beethoven and Chopin used it. In modern times Tina Turner,
Paul Mc Cartney, Annie Lennox, and many others.
The British Royal Family have used homeopathy for generations to the present day. The Queen Mother was treated by homeopathy all her life until her death at 101 years.
(Source: Dana Ulman MPA)

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